Silver Art Projects: New Residency 50 Floors Up

Katy Donoghue, whitewall, July 25, 2019

"Whitewall caught up with Silver Art Projects co-founders Cory Silverstein and Joshua Pulman to learn more.


WHITEWALL: What is your vision for Silver Art Projects?

JOSHUA PULMAN: Sustainable and long term support is at the root of our mission. This program is based on bringing emerging and student artists back into the city in a sustainable way that completely shifts the paradigm. We hope the success of Silver Art Projects will be demonstrated in the success and productivity of the artists who receive studio space, as well as benefiting a neighborhood that has previously not been centered on artistic production. It's also a great chance to educate young professionals in the area about the arts in an approachable way, such as shared elevator rides and coffee breaks.


WW: How will artists be selected for the residency?

JP: We are having an open call for applications at The final 30 artists will be selected by a Jury, which includes Isolde Brielmaier, Executive Director and Curator of Arts, Culture & Community at Westfield World Trade Center; Evan Moffitt, Associate Editor of frieze magazine; and Nicola Vassell, Founder of Concept NV and Curatorial Director of the Dean Collection. Deadline for applications is July 31.


WW: While in residency, is there anything expected of the artists?

CORY SILVERSTEIN: No. This is unstructured studio time and not product-oriented. Artists are welcome to host studio visits and are free to make their own studio hours. Most importantly, Silver Art Projects hopes this program will create engagement between the residents and also the local community.


WW: Do you foresee any programming around the residency to activate the space?

CS: Absolutely. We are actively planning a very exciting schedule of programs with NYC-based and international non-profits. These programs are focused on providing ongoing professional mentorship for artists and creating a dialog between the artists and the lower Manhattan community."